The Application

  1. Beginning Monday May 3, 2021 the application form may be emailed to and payment made online. The registration fee for the competition is $15 for Students and $25 for Artist and Accomplished and is non-refundable.
  2. Deadline for sending the application is Friday, July 31, 2021.
  3. Round I/PreScreen – Submission requirements: Please fill out the registration and follow the instructions for submission at the bottom of the page including payment for registration fee.  Please video record an aria, oratorio or art song (or a portion thereof) of your choice not to exceed 5 minutes. Music may be cut/shortened but only one (1) song may be submitted. Due to social distancing obstacles recorded accompaniment is acceptable.
  4. Instructions on how to submit are as follows:

    YouTube- link may be public or private.

    You can choose to make any of your uploads an unlisted video in your YouTube Account settings. Here’s how:

    1. Sign into your YouTube Account
    2. Go to your My Videos page
    3. Select the video which you’d like to make an unlisted video. Click the Edit button to access the video’s settings.
    4. Go to the Privacy section of the page. There you’ll see the option to mark you video as “unlisted”, “public”, or “private”. Select unlisted.
    5. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button. Once you’ve done this your video will be an unlisted video.

    Selection should showcase singer’s mastery of coloratura technique.


On the registration form please include the selections you are prepared to offer in the event you advance to Round II.

    1. Student division singers should have 3 arias/songs with at least 2 different languages represented.
    2. Artist and Accomplished divisions should have 4 arias/songs with at least 3 different languages represented.